Emphasising morals, values, ethics, and character education in science education and science teaching

Volume 04 - Issue 02
Mohammad A. Chowdhury
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This article presents rationale and arguments for the presence of morals, values, ethics and character education in science curriculum and science teaching that benefits the society. The author examines how rapid technological advancements and globalisation are contributing to the complexities of social life and underpinning the importance of morals, values and ethics. Syntheses and analyses are presented to the philosophical and pedagogical questions related to morals, ethics and character education. A comparative study between the philosophical and theoretical basis of modern western moral education and the Islamic moral values and education is outlined. Various obstacles in teaching morals/ethics and implementing character education in sciences are discussed. A range of teaching, learning and pedagogical techniques are proposed that may foster morals, values and ethics in students’ minds and develop various skills and attributes necessary for future success in sciences.


  • science education; teaching; values; morals/ethics; character education
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