The Evaluation of Students’ Written Reflection on the Learning of General Chemistry Lab Experiment

Volume 02 - Issue 04
Ng Sook Han Lee Choy Sin Keng Pei Sin
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Reflective writing is often used to increase understanding and analytical ability. The lack of empirical evidence on the effect of reflective writing interventions on the learning of general chemistry lab experiment supports the examination of this concept. The central goal of this exploratory study was to evaluate the students’ written reflections about experimental work. This study used an instrument, pre- and post-intervention design. Data were collected in the form of individual reflective writing reports by students enrolled in the first semester of a general chemistry course. Our findings indicated that the treatment group had a statistically significant increase (p = .000) on the posttest test after a week of reflective writing was administered when compared to the control group. Students’ reflective writings were evaluated in the aspects of knowledge, critical thinking and applications. In the case of knowledge, our findings were particularly interesting as higher level of students’ knowledge understanding was associated with the experimentation. The results of this study make it imperative for School of Pharmacy (SoP) and Health Sciences (SoHS) at this institution to consider including reflective writing in lab experiments.


  • Reflective writing
  • general chemistry
  • pre- and post-intervention
  • lab experiment
  • first semester
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