How to take care of tactical vehicles?

How to take care of tactical vehicles?

Our active military workers face one of the many problems of how to look after the barely used tactical vehicles. Uniformed men and women can be gone months when their vehicles are idle. A car that is long without driving is in danger of corrosion, so you should take action to combat these dangers. By taking any basic avoidance steps, if you’re away from home, your vehicle would be a bit less worried.

Keep on to it

One of the simple steps you should take is to properly store your car. Additional damage may be rendered to a car in the elements. Not to mention, idle cars are a favorite place to conceal dens and wreak havoc for little buggers. Keep your vehicle safely parked in a garage or under a shelter, if possible.

Battery Life – Preserve It

If a complete charge is kept, a car battery can last up to five years in storage. It is probably better to remove the fully loaded battery from the long-term deployment and store it in a cool and dry environment. A low voltage trickle charger may also be bought that automatically keeps the battery ready in constant condition.

A big control switch is a solution to any of these approaches. These are mostly used for maritime uses, but also vehicles. Switch off the battery as you depart for deployment. This isolates them from the parasite drain of the various systems onboard. Switch the master switch on when you arrive, and the car will be able to operate again.

Keep the engine happy

It is a smart thing to have fresh oil installed in some form of storage situation, either long-term or short-term.

A long-term stock of gasoline

Another common issue with seldom driven cars is fuel depletion. With time, all gasoline degrades. Currently, the new wave is not adequately contained in ethanol-mixed oils. This is not a concern for drivers who pass a gas tank within a span of three months, but travel longer and you may have issues. When you come back home from deployment, the last thing you want to do is pull and flush out the gas tank before driving.

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